Magic Square

Important Information

The Magic Store Beta is a testnet version for testing purposes only

Magic Square Beta Version is on Devnet

Please note that at present the Magic Store Beta is a devnet version for testing purposes only. This means that it uses devnet tokens to learn how the app works and provide feedback via our feedback widget on the Magic Store
to further improve the product.
While the store is on devnet, it is not possible to use real tokens. These tokens have no real-world value.
If you have any questions regarding the Beta version, please read our FAQ. If you cannot find the answer there, please feel free to reach out following the instructions in the Feedback section.

Enroll to Beta Phase

During the Magic Square Beta you may see the banner below saying "You're not Enrolled to Beta Phase I or II, and therefore have limited access. To get full access Enroll to Beta Phase III here". In case you want full acess to the store, indeed proceed with the enrollment here.
Enroll to Beta banner
After completing all of the listed tasks in the Gleam page, you will have full access to the Magic Store
Ready to start using Magic Store