Magic Square


The official Magic Square Roadmap.
2021 ✅
2022 ✅
2023 ⭐
2024 ⭐

2021 Q2

✅ Project Kickoff (Self-Funded)
Team Expansion
Refinement of Litepaper (Version 1)

2021 Q3-Q4

✅ Magic Store UX/UI Development
✅ Magic Store Architecture Design & Deployment
✅ First Draft of the Whitepaper

2022 Q1 - Q2

MVP Development of Magic Store: Onchain Application Validation, MagicID, Karma Reward System
Magic Square Community Building on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord
✅ In-Depth Marketing Research on Worldwide Marketing Costs: PPC, CPA

2022 Q3

Official Release of Magic Square's Closed Beta with up to 50,000 invited users
Fundraising - Private Round - Phase 1
Official Release of Magic Affiliates & Client Onboarding

2022 Q4

Fundraising - KOL Round
✅ Magic Statistics - Advance Onchain Statistics
✅ Migration from Solana to BNB Chain

2023 Q1

✅ Public Launch - Official Release of Public Beta
✅ Hot Offers - Exclusive Offers for Magic Community

2023 Q2

✅ Cashback Hot Offers
⭐ Magic Activities - Projects can Launch Competitions, Bug Bounties, or Air Drops in a Few Clicks.
⭐ Fundraising - Private Round - Phase 2

2023 Q3

⭐ Notification Services: Trigger-based notification In Store
⭐ Magic Hub: Campaign Management Platform for Listed Applications
⭐ Advanced SEO

2023 Q4

⭐ TGE - Based on Market Conditions
⭐ Governance - Users can Stake SQR Tokens and Propose / Vote for changes to Magic Store functionality
⭐ In-store Chat Platform
⭐ Instant creation of Wallets for newly registered users
⭐ Public Profiles for Registered Users
⭐ Release of New Search engine
⭐ Launchpad

Q1 2024

⭐ New Karma System, users can achieve reputation with specific dApps and convert it to Karma.
⭐ New App Page will include the aggregation of all the dApps Resources in one place.
⭐ Magic ID 2.0
⭐ Master Affiliate Functionality, users can become master affiliates and earn passive income from the activities of their registered friends.

Q2 2024

⭐ Magic Governance - Users can join the Magic DAO
⭐ DeFi Aggregation (Staking, Cash On-Ramp, Swaps)
⭐ NFT Listing and Trading
⭐ Review 2.0: Reach App Review Functionality

Q3 2024

⭐ RTB Marketing: Project can promote itself and target specific user profiles using a bidding system.
⭐ Release of Magic CRM: Project integrated with Magic ID can access fully functional CRM without any additional Integrations.