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Release Notes

This page contains the Magic Store updates
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Jan 26, 2023

  • Improved responsiveness on all devices
  • Mobile version live - but with limited functionality (users cannot login to the store because of authentication issues, many other functions are not available on mobile devices yet)
  • Hot offers - new store in the section
  • SEO optimisations
  • Uploading images is getting slightly faster
  • Refactoring and technical features
  • File upload security updates
  • Developer's profile image upload bug fixed
  • Karma leaderboard and history issue fixed
  • Karma - wallet issue - only users with Phantom wallets were rewarded for actions - fixed
  • Wrong karma score presented fixed (decimal format)

Jan 12, 2023

  • Improved responsiveness on all devices
  • SEO fixes
  • Hot offers - new feature
  • Karma score hidden issue fixed
  • Karma rewards for daily login, Twitter & Discord connect, email validation

Dec 22, 2022

  • New Magic Store Design - updated paged Apps, Discover, and Games
  • Application status badges - upcoming and validated (changed from "verified" to "validated)
  • The wording "Nothing here yet :(" in empty blocks while loading has been removed
  • Search magnifying glass is now clickable
  • SEO updates

Dec 6, 2022

New + improved
  • modification of the listing process steps
  • updated information and instructions in the listing process
  • user-friendly display of errors when uploading incorrect images
  • increasing the weight of uploaded images. (logo - up to 5 mb, screenshots up to 10 mb)
  • devices in the uploading process updated and moved to another step
  • adding the ability to list the "upcoming" applications
  • creation of the upcoming page displaying a list of applications that are in the status of "under development"
  • new "User's suggestion" layout
  • search logic updated and improved
  • updated layout of the search page results
  • SEO optimization
  • added authorization to Magic Boost via email
  • new Magic Boost pop-up (user data checks)
  • updated trust score calculation
  • modifying the incorrect instructions for loaded images in the uploading process
  • field alignment and expansion of text descriptions on app detail pages
  • fixed the logic of displaying search results on the main page dropdown
  • authorization cookie expiration - checking for an invalid token, automatic user logout and clearing cookies
  • correcting the display of screenshots in all the applications (centering, correct proportions)

Nov 18, 2022

  • Fixed error when setting up a new MagicID, after tapping the "Save" button in the Account Settings popup window
  • Magic boost error fixed - invalid operator credentials

Nov 17, 2022

New + improved
  • Authentication timeout after 8 hours and cache cleaning
  • Adding an image cropper to the listing flow
  • Changing the display of fields related to the audit report (drop-down list)
  • Changed the name of the Magic Boost icon in the left sidebar
  • Redirecting the user after logging in to the section of the store where he was at the time of authorization
  • Fixing canonical URLs
  • Use active wallet to sign external actions
  • Fixing an error with logging out from the store when changing the wallet in the web extension
  • Fix the bug with the incorrect opening of the application from the internal page of the application

Nov 8, 2022

New + improved
  • Added a check for the presence of a phantom wallet for adding applications to spaces
  • Changed Magic affiliates redirect link
  • Implemented keywords metadata for the Developer's public pages
  • Expand developer entity info description text that will be used as meta description for robots
  • Added keywords for the Developers' page
  • Inner app page. Changed the "Trust score" depiction. Disabled the "Trust review" button. Made "Trust score" - "High" for all the verified apps with Audit reports and "Medium" for all the verified apps without Audit reports
  • Inner App page. Hid developer's Karma score
  • Listing flow. "Privacy policy" and "Audit reports" are not mandatory anymore
  • Handling the wrong URL of the public pages of developers and applications, if they are not listed in the store
  • Changed the message for users who are not on the whitelist. Also changed the banner text and redirect
  • The "User review" button is available only after adding the app to the Space
  • Removed "Refund" button after successful token receiving
  • Added a check for the correct display of non-existent application pages in case this application is deleted or suspended through the CRM system

Oct 27, 2022

New + Improved
  • The bottom menu bar has been moved to the top of the page
  • Email verification has been added to the developer page
  • A 'back' arrow was added to the developer's public page
  • Discord verification added - users can now connect their Discord account to the Magic Store
  • Redirect to the main page after authorization (if you have a full magic ID) for Metamask wallet
  • The user's name is displayed in the Magic ID
  • The progress bar has been added to the validation tasks
  • The Twitter share text has been updated
  • Karma chart depiction updated
  • The Karma page has been polished
  • SEO optimization applied
  • The block with the developer's Privacy Policy has been added
  • Unauthenticated users can add up to 3 apps to spaces and open them
  • Defense from Brute-forcing (email service, listing) has been improved
  • A description has been added to the external URL
  • Fixed depiction for apps and tokens data on the dvelopers public page
  • Replaced 'creator' with 'developer' in URLs
  • Fixed copy board tooltip (wallets, Twitter) in the Magic ID settings
  • The user avatar upload has been fixed
  • The banners layout has been fixed
  • Inner app page elements alignment corrected
  • Token statistic data updated and fixed
  • Token chart depiction has been fixed
  • Opened apps saved in the space during the session
  • Elimination of vulnerability when sending emails
  • Magic Affiliates authorization bug fixing
  • Change the way for uploading files for user avatar and add validation for file extension
  • Audit report - make it mandatory on the front end
  • Additional checks of the fields on the backend

Oct 12, 2022

New + Improved
  • adding a scrollbar for tabs in spaces
  • listing - adding a check for image sizes (logo, screenshots)
  • adding a check for image sizes - user avatar, developer avatar
  • display of all social networks on the developer page
  • display of all data on applications on the developer page
  • add check for authorization in Magic Affiliates ( only if you have email)
  • alignment of applications in spaces after removal
  • fix the display of notifications (deleting all notifications - instead of one selected one)
  • listing - expanding the fields on the marketing step
  • redirect from mobile stub to main website
  • fix token data statistic

Oct 6, 2022

New + Improved
  • Mobile version stub
  • Update of the token statistic data
  • Tablet adaptivity
  • Update notification and mailing service
  • Remove the test user from the production environment (on the login page there was a test button, it’s removed)
  • Depicts original timestamp for token statistics
  • Proper screenshot scaling - on the internal app page
  • Proper block and banner scaling - main page (Magic Store, First Crypto App Store )