Magic Square

User Packages

There are three user packages available to Users based on their staking tier:
The user packages are not active yet. They will be active once the SQR token has been launched.
Escape Artist
  • complete MagicID
  • stake 150 SQR
  • complete MagicID
  • > 100 karma
  • stake 500 SQR
  • complete MagicID
  • > 300 karma
  • stake 5000 SQR
Unlocks Use-to-Earn (daily rewards based on in-store activity)
Same benefits as Illusionists
Same benefits as Escape Artist
Earn rewards for the daily Karma based on your personal rating in the leaderboard.
earn 50% more Karma for all your Actions
Mentalists will earn 100% more Karma for all their Actions.
Special Badges/Stickers that can be used in Reviews and Communications
New visual effects (Badges, Frames)
Can submit DAO proposals and Vote
Avatar Frames
Can collect achievements and get SBNs
New visual effects (Badges, Frames)
Can use NFT as an Avatar
Can initiate App delisting process