Magic Square

Discord Point System

We have created a special point system, known as the XP System, to track user engagement on our Discord server. The system aims to incentivize users by rewarding them for their contribution to the community, while also enabling us to identify and acknowledge the most engaged users on a weekly basis.
We host "Top Engaging Magicians," a weekly leaderboard event where we will reward our top three weekly active members with exciting prizes.
🏆 PRIZES: 🥇 50$ 🥈 25$ 🥉 10$
All giveaway prizes will be provided in Binance Gift Card.
To host the leaderboard giveaway (every second week) campaign we will reset the overall xp of all users of our server to 0 every Monday so that we can host a new leaderboard event the following week. This will be done using MagicBot which will provide XP to users based on their engagement.
Users can only be part of the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) once every 30 days, so other magicians have a chance of getting in the top three too! This means that if you were part of the top three, you need to wait for the next 30 days to qualify again (In other words, you cannot win two times in a row within the same 30-day period).

Earning XP with MagicBot

Users can earn XP by sending messages on our Discord server. Every minute that you’re messaging, you randomly gain between 15 to 25 XP depending on the length and quality of your message. However, there is a cooldown period of 1 minute, which prevents users from spamming messages to farm XP. This means you can earn XP once in every 1 minute.
The XP earned with MagicBot will reset every Monday in order to host a new event the following week.
Beside these biweekly events, we also reward all of our early adopters in the long run so we introduce Level Roles in Magic Square.
In cases where a user is found to be in violation of rules by engaging in XP farming or system exploitation, decisive measures will be implemented. Such instances will lead to a complete reset of the user's accumulated XP, along with a temporary suspension of their user roles. Our commitment lies in upholding a sense of fair play, ensuring an environment of integrity for all participants. We are dedicated to the principle that rewards should be rightfully earned and aligned with the guidelines set by the community.

What are Level Roles

Level Roles are special server roles in Magic Square that are automatically assigned to users based on their level. Level roles are introduced to provide a sense of accomplishment and recognition among magicians as they progress through the levels by earning XP or points.
Typically, higher-level roles are associated with more prestige and privileges in our community.
To manage these level roles without affecting our biweekly leaderboard, we are using ArcaneBot.

Leveling Up with ArcaneBot

As you earn XP, you will level up. The XP required to level up increases as the user progresses through the levels. The levels and the corresponding XP required to reach them are as follows:
  • Level 1: 75 XP
  • Level 2: 250 XP
  • Level 3: 525 XP
  • Level 4: 900 XP
  • Level 5: 1,375 XP and so on…
As you level up, you will also earn level roles. Level roles are special server roles that we created for our engaging supporters. These roles are automatically assigned by our bot based on your current level. The level roles are as follows:
  • Maze: Given at level 5
  • Enchanter: Given at level 12
  • Wizard: Given at level 20
  • Master Wizard: Given at level 40
  • Grand Sorcerer: Given at level 50
  • Legendary Magician: Given at level 70

Checking rank and XP

  1. 1.
    For biweekly leaderboard (with MagicBot):
Use /rank to check your rank on the biweekly leaderboard.
Use /levels to check your current leaderboard on the server.
You can check the biweekly leaderboard with /levels command or you can directly access our leaderboard here.
  1. 2.
    For Level Roles (with ArcaneBot):
These commands will only work inside the #🤖bot-commands channel so make sure to use them inside the directed channel only.