Magic Square


Magic Store App types
There are four types of apps in the Magic Store
  • Validated apps
  • Upcoming apps
  • Under Validation apps
  • Unvalidated apps
Validated apps are marked with a pink badge. The validated apps that open in a new window are marked with an "Add" button and a white "open" button, while the apps that run within the space are marked with an "+ Add" button and a blue "open" button.
Add button difference
Open button difference
Upcoming apps are marked with a blue badge. They can be found in the
section. These apps are not live yet. They are either in beta testing phase, or haven't launched their token yet - but the app can't really be used without it. Some upcoming apps specify their estimated launching date when you open the app detail page.
upcoming bar
Upcoming app - launching date bar
Under Validation apps are marked with an orange badge. They can be found on the main page in the "Under Validation - Vote Now to Earn" block or in the Project Validation section (found in Account -> Settings -> Project Validation). Apps are in this status for 2 weeks time, when users can vote for their app to be listed on the store, or not. After two weeks the app will change to Validated status, or to Unvalidated status, depending on the voting results. Read more about the Project Validation here.