Magic Square

SQR Token (not launched yet)

The SQR token powers all aspects of the Magic Square ecosystem and allows for the seamless integration of users, developers, and validators.
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SQR provides various utilities within the ecosystem including governance, user access packages, app advertisement, and app referral rewards. SQR can also be traded on DEX and CEX for other currencies or fiat.
Governance - In order to manage the Magic Store in the true spirit of Web 3.0, we have implemented a feature that the Community collectively decides which crypto apps should be featured on the Store by voting.
User Packages (coming soon) - To make the most of the Magic Store, users should stake SQR tokens. There are three Staking Tiers available for users.
Ad Space (coming soon) - Developers and service providers who have at least one listed dApp or approved service can promote their services with Ad Space.
Referrals - With the help of Magic Boost, users can earn SQR tokens and app developers can bring more traffic to their apps.