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Magic Store FAQs

Q: How does the Karma system work?
A: Magic Karma is a personal score that keeps track of a user's Magic Square activities. The higher a user's score, the more the community can trust them. Karma was created to reward users for positive actions.
Q: Can I exchange Karma for rewards?
A: During private beta, karma is accumulable but cannot be withdrawn; during Magic Store public beta release, karma will be available to exchange for rewards. Users will have the ability to redeem Binance Gift Cards using their Karma score, refer to the following guide for a comprehensive tutorial:
Q: How many Karma points do I earn per action? Can you provide examples?
A: Refer to the following table for all Karma point values
Q: What are the staking tiers (previously Access packages)?
Q: Do all apps need to be verified on the Magic Store?
A: All apps inside the Magic Store need to pass a validation process to be listed for quality control and compliance. This assures that only high-quality and trusted apps are listed in the Magic Store.
Q: Will the Magic Store be available worldwide?
A: Yes it will be available worldwide (excluding the prohibited countries.
Q: Will the Magic Store be available to download in its final form via Google Play store or Apple´s App Store?
A: Yes, the Magic Store will be available for download in its final form via both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.
Q: Will the first full version of the Magic Store be available in other languages and if so, which ones?
A: We are planning to add more and more languages starting with the popular ones: German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and many others.
Q: Will the Magic Store have the capacity to run non-blockchain (classic apps) applications that, to some extent, have some kind of relationship with cryptocurrency?
A: Yes, and we currently have that functionality onboard. Not all need to be on-chain.
Q: How will MagicSquare be able to mitigate the gap between different chains so users can stake tokens on different networks with a single click inside Magic Square
A: Magic Squares integrated with bridges that allow users to move between different chains (our partnership with deBridges). 90% of all the traffic in the crypto universe is on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) so right now out of the box, with this partnership, we cover almost all of that traffic
Q: How will these insurance, lending, and AMMS-defi services work on the Magic Store?
A: Each of the apps inside the Magic Store is carefully integrated into our platform with a variety of DeFi solutions and tools.
Q: Will we host sponsored events and contests for dapps in our Magic Store?
A: Yes, it will be dedicated per every app and everyone can host their events if they want to. This is something that will be very much present in the near future, especially on the Magic Store final version.
Q: Will there be NFT projects in the Magic Store?
A: We already have tons of NFT projects inside the Magic Store, Go and check them out:
Q: How many projects does the Magic Store have?
A: Currently we have 800+ apps on the Magic Store beta and we will host all kinds of apps, games, NFTs, defi projects, etc., that accept the terms and conditions of Magic Square.
Q: How can I list my app inside the Magic Store?
A: You can list your app on the following link: Also, please refer to the following guide for a step-by-step tutorial:
Q: My app is 90% ready but still some components are missing, like token launch. Can I still list my app on the Magic Store?
A: Yes, you can still apply for a listing. If everything is up to the standard, your app will be listed in the “Upcoming” section of the Magic Store.
Q: What are the rules/guidelines for submitting apps inside the Magic Store?
Q: I am a new user and don't understand anything about crypto. Do I need a wallet to enter the Magic Store?
A: You don't need a wallet for creating a Magic ID, you can link a Google account or an email to your new Magic ID and begin exploring the Magic Store. With that being said, to unlock %100 of the functionalities inside the Store, we encourage you to open a wallet and link it to your Magic ID account.
Q: I want to use the Magic Store, how do I get started?
A: We have an easy-to-understand guide ready for you, refer to it here: or you can watch a tutorial video on our YouTube channel:
Q: I read about Karma points, but still I don't understand. Can you explain more in-depth?
A: You can watch our YouTube video about Karma. It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how Karma points work and their significance within the Magic Store. Video link:
Q: What are hot offers and how can I benefit from them?
A: Hot offers are Magic Square´s exclusive discounts, promotions, and cashback program where you will find exciting offers that will not be available anywhere else. To benefit from this, all you need to do is create your Magic ID, go to the “Hot Offers” section, click on “claim offer” on the specific one that you are interested in, execute the instructions and that's it! You will receive your reward via Binance Gift Card form on your Magic ID-associated email.
IMPORTANT: Your MagicID email must match the one associated with your Binance account in order for your Hot Offer completion to be valid.
Q: How does the Refer A Friend program work? How do I earn with this?
A: Refer a friend is our sharing program inside the Magic Store, by spreading the word to your family and friends you can earn 60 Karma points once your referral accumulates 250 Karma points. Simply, share your unique link with your relative and when he creates a Magic ID with your link, you both earn Karma. For more detailed info, take a read over here:
Q: What are the requirements for a successful referral in the Refer a Friend Program?
A: The requirement is that your referred user creates signs into the Magic Store using your unique link. Referrals must verify their account and accumulate 250 Karma points. Keep in mind that duplicates, fake accounts, and “shared finances” deals are strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification from the referral program. Also, only one referral is allowed per IP address. If 2 referrals join using the same IP address only 1 referral will count.
Q: Can I participate in the Magic Store features with just a Web2 login, or do I need a Web3 wallet?
A: You can log in to the Magic Store by using a normal email address or a Google account, but we recommend you connect a Web3 wallet to unlock the full potential of the Magic Store. It's not necessary but will be very helpful to you as the end user. For example, only users who have fully verified their accounts and connected their wallets will be able to participate in community validation. For more information about account registration and verification refer to the following link:
Q: How do I claim my Binance Gift Card rewards once I’ve earned enough Karma points?
A: Simply click the “Collect Rewards” button on your Magic ID dashboard (min. Amount: 10 USDT) and you will receive the Binance Gift card in your email.
Q: What is the daily pool of Karma points, and how is it distributed among users?
A: All daily karma is distributed in reward points at the end of the day (at 23:59 GMT) among users proportionally according to the daily pool of a total of 1000 reward points.
Q: How can I stay informed about new promotions, projects, and features on the Magic Store?
A: Subscribe to our newsletter, also follow us on your favorite social media channels for the latest updates and if you want to have live chat/support you can join our Discord server or Telegram group for your convenience. Here on the Linktree, you will find all our official networks:
Q: How does the Magic Store ensure the security and privacy of its users?
A: Magic Square takes security and privacy seriously across all its infrastructure. We have various third-party audits from respectable firms across the industry plus our own internal regular audits from our house development team. On top of that, we have a first-tier cyber security firm working for us to ensure all operations are secured and covered. From another point of view, Magic Square does not hold the credentials of their users when they create their Magic ID since all this information is stored on the blockchain like a classic wallet, only the end-user has access to this data and can revoke permits to apps if they wish to. Magic Square does not have any control over this data.
Q: Who can I contact if I have issues or questions related to my account, rewards, or the Magic Store features?
A: You can reach us on our Discord server and one of our moderators will help you out in no time!
Q: Are there any fees associated with participating in Magic Store features and rewards programs?
A: The Magic Store Rewards program does not have any fees associated with it, just a minimum withdrawal threshold of 10 USDT.
Q: What types of Web3 projects can be found on the Magic Store?
A: You can find all kinds of apps inside the Magic Store, we are building the gateway for all web3 content. We have Gaming apps, NFTs, Defi, Swaps, Launchpads, Exchanges, Finance, Metaverse, Trading, etc.
Q: How are the Web3 projects on the Magic Store selected and evaluated?
A: We have a QA validation process for each application that wants to be listed inside the Magic Store. With this process, we make sure that the app follows terms of service and bears minimum quality to be presented to Magic Store users. All apps that pass the Internal Confirmation Process appear in the Validation Section and go through the Validation Process. The Validation Process lasts for 2 weeks (14 days). An app must receive 60% positive votes to pass the Validation Process. If the app fails, the app developers can reapply an unlimited number of times. If the app receives more than 60% positive votes, it will be listed in the Validated Section. The entire Validation Process is publicly visible to all members of the Magic Store.
Q: Can I suggest new Web3 projects or features for the Magic Store?
A: Of course and we are happy to hear your suggestions! You can leave us your suggestions on our feedback system or alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can chat with any of our moderators on Discord and they will pass the information to the Development team.
Q: What is the process for redeeming my Binance Gift Card rewards?
A: The process of redeeming your reward is extremely simple, go to your Karma profile and click the “Collect Rewards” button. Remember that you need to have a minimum of 10 USDT for redeeming and also a verified email address on your Magic ID.
Q: How long does it take to receive my rewards once I’ve claimed them?
A: You should receive your rewards instantly at your email address after you collect them. Keep in mind that the Binance gift card is valid for 30 days, and needs to be redeemed within this time period. If you have any problems while redeeming, please open a support ticket on our discord server and we will solve the issue!
Q: Can I exchange my Binance Gift Card rewards for other cryptocurrencies or cash?
A: For the moment, we are only offering rewards on USDT.
Q: Are there any geographical restrictions for participating in Magic Store features and rewards programs?
A: We don't have any geographical restrictions at the moment,
Q: How can I increase my chances of earning more Karma points?
A: There are no “cheat codes” when using the Karma system, we believe everyone should have the same chance of earning, if you want to earn more just use more of the Magic Store features.
Q: What measures are in place to prevent fraud and abuse in the Magic Store rewards programs?
A: We implemented a fingerprint system that aims to prevent bots, fraud, and exploitation for malicious users, also we have various bot detection tools and our developers are constantly monitoring the integrity of the system. All possible exploitation and fraud will get the user immediately banned from the Rewards program.
Q: Where can I find the terms and conditions for the Magic Store and its rewards programs?
A: You can read Magic Store Terms and Conditions at the following link:
Q: How can I stay updated on new Hot Offers and promotions in the Magic Store?
A: You can stay updated by following any of our social platforms, with that being said we have a specific channel named “Hot Offers” on our Discord server where we upload all current offers and new ones when they arrive!
Q: Can I earn rewards in other cryptocurrencies besides Binance Gift Cards?
A: For the moment, when referring to the Karma system, it's only possible to redeem on USDT via a Binance Gift card. This is the only option in the Magic Store Public Beta phase, but when the final version of the store launches, we will have our own token (SQR) on the system. With all of this clear, through the Rewards Hub (the new section on the public beta) there could be the possibility to earn on other cryptos depending on the specific offered reward. This is still in development but we are always open to new opportunities for our users to grow and earn with us, so stay tuned!
Q: Are there any plans to expand the Magic Store’s features and rewards programs in the future?
A: Yes of course, this program will only grow with time and also with the feedback of all our community! We are always looking to improve our product line and all its tools!
Q: Are there any limits to the number of friends I can refer through the Refer a Friend Program?
A: There is no limit on the number of friends you can invite. This was created as an “everyone wins” situation and we want you to invite as many relatives as possible!
IMPORTANT: only one referral is allowed per IP address. If 2 referrals join using the same IP address only 1 referral will count.
Q: Can I transfer my Karma points or rewards to another Magic Store user?
A: For the moment, it is not possible to transfer karma points or rewards to other users, but the Binance Gift card can be redeemed by other people outside the platform. Bear in mind that the card has an expiration date of 30 days
Q: How are new features and updates communicated to Magic Store users?
A: We constantly make announcements on our corresponding channels on Telegram, Discord server, and Twitter/X accounts. By following us there, we guarantee you that you will be updated with the latest information surrounding the Magic Store. Take a look at our Linktree and choose your favorite:
Q: Are there any age or legal restrictions for participating in the Magic Store features and rewards programs?
A: There are no age restrictions for participating in the Magic Store features and rewards program. Legal restrictions are applied to the countries where crypto is banned.
Q: How do I know if my participation in Project Validation Voting was successful?
A: You will get a confirmation from Snapshot and can see your vote in the vote list. On Magic Store, on the "Vote on Projects", you can find a list of all of the projects you've voted for by clicking on the "Voted" filter.
Q: Can I participate in Magic Store rewards programs if I am using a VPN or anonymizing service?
A: Using such services is not allowed.
Q: How does the Magic Store maintain fairness and transparency in its features and rewards programs?
A: All users have a daily chance to be the most active user in the store, therefore all users are rewarded based on their engagement.
Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations on the rewards and features in the Magic Store?
A: There are no specific restrictions or limitations. The reward system and other features are explained clearly on our Gitbook in case you want to take a look:
Q: What is Project Validation Voting, and how can I participate?
A: The validation process in the Magic Store involves the Magic Store community voting to determine whether an application should be listed or not. All production-ready apps that pass the internal confirmation process appear in the App Validation section and go through the validation process.
To see all active validation tasks, go to settings -> "Vote on Projects". You can filter apps by their status. Click on the “+” of the app you wish to vote for. Then click on “Vote”. You must connect your wallet to Snapshot as Magic Store is using Snapshot to count votes. Make sure to use the same EVM wallet that is connected to your Magic Store account!
In order to vote, users must have:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Verified email
  3. 3.
    EVM wallet connected to the Magic Store
  4. 4.
    Use the same wallet on Snapshot for voting
Q: What are the requirements to participate in the Magic Store features and rewards programs?
A: You must fully verify your MagicID account in order to fully be able to use Magic Store features. The requirements are explained per feature and can be found in our official documentation:
Q: How does the Magic Store handle disputes or disagreements between users and Web3 projects?
A: The validation decisions are based on the number of votes users apply. If any sort of manipulation is detected the voting will be considered irrelevant. There are user reviews too, users can leave their comments and suggestions for app developers
Q: Can I view a history of my participation, earnings, and rewards within the Magic Store?
A: Yes. History is available on the "Karma and Rewards" page in your profile settings. Here you will see your Karma history.