Magic Square

Magic Store

The Magic Store grants access to the most dependable community-vetted crypto apps
Community-Vetted Apps: Every app in the Magic Store
is verified by our community validators. The Magic Square community votes on each app before it's listed to guarantee that the Magic Store only features the most trusted apps.
discover page image
Magic Store - Discover Page

Browsing the Magic Store​

The Magic Store
has four main pages: Discover, dApps, Games, and Upcoming. Each of these pages can be further filtered by chain by selecting
in the upper right of the screen. The Upcoming page contains all apps that are not launched yet (are in beta phase). Read more about upcoming apps.
upcoming page
Magic Store - Upcoming Page
To filter by more specific categories, search for a term in the search bar and select which filters you would like to use.
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Magic Store - Search Results Page

Magic Square Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is on the left and contains shortcuts to
Magic Store,
Magic Spaces,
Magic Boost,
Magic Karma,
Gitbook, and
Profile Settings.

Adding an App to Magic Space

On every app page, there is a + Add to Space button in the upper right. To add the app to your Magic Space, simply click it and the app will be added to your Magic Space. To later remove an app, visit your Magic Space and click on the Menu


A review of an app can be left either from the Spaces page (click on the Menu
) or from the app's detail page.
user score image
App detail page - User Score
User Score is based on the reviews that are left by users.
Validation Score is based on the reviews that are given by the validators.
​Trust Score is based on the validation status and the audit reports provided through the application form.
Leaving reviews will increase a user's Magic Karma.

Details Page - Other elements

Ranking in the store is based on multiple factors. The General ranking is for all verified apps in the store. The second rank presents the rank of the app in the specific category, and the third rank is in the main app chain.
ranking image
Each app has certain tags on its Details page that lay out some of the features available in the app as well as the app's category and subcategory.
tags image
It's also possible to like and share an app. The number of likes and added to space is visible in the top right corner.

Token Statistics

The Token Statistics are visible for apps that have a Token listed on an exchange.
token statistics image
Token Chart and Statistics

Trust Score and User Trust Reviews

The Trust Score is generated based on the following:
  • Audit Score
  • User Trust Reviews
The Audit Score is based on the number of audits the app developer provided through the listing process:
  • >1 audit provided -> high Audit Score (3)
  • 0 audits provided -> medium Audit Score (2)
If an app doesn't have a token, the default Audit score is High.
Audit Score
Has a token
No token
>=1 audit
high = 3
0 audits
medium = 2
high = 3
The Users Score is calculated based on the total sum of all the Trust Scores in Reviews. Each Trust review can be high = 3, medium = 2 or low = 1.
The final Trust Score presents the average value of the audit score (if the app has a token) and all of the User Trust Scores.
Final Trust Score
Average Score
>= 2.3
>= 1.3 && < 2.3
< 1.3
  • User Trust Reviews = 3 (high) + 1 (low)
  • Audit Score = 2 (medium)
  • Final Trust Score = (3 + 1 + 2)/3 = 2 (medium)
Example of Trust Score
Final Trust Score
Security Validators Score is based on the validation score.
App Privacy lists the data that may be collected from users by the app.

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