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Magic Karma

Magic Karma is a personal score that quantifies all user activity and functions like a credit score.
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What is Magic Karma?

Magic Karma is a personal score that keeps track of a user's Magic Square activities. The higher a user's score, the more the community can trust them. Karma was created to reward users for positive actions.

How can I earn Magic Karma?

Karma was created to reward users for positive actions in the Magic Store
. Positive action is one of the use cases that is defined below:
  • User attracts more users to the platform
  • Users participating in the Validation process
  • Users that assist other users by posting highly rated reviews
  • Engagement - users that participate in Contests, Bounties, etc.

How much Karma does each activity give?

The table below will be updated as new actions are added.
Create Magic ID
Completion on MagicID registration
Verify Email
User has specified and verified the email
Create a Username
User has specified and saved Username
Connect Social
User has specified and verified the social account. Made for each social. (only Twitter and Discord)
Daily login to Store
User rewarded each day he logins the Store. The reward triggered by the first login per day. Reward for second and further login per day is not made.
Share an app
User can generate a sharing link and post it anywhere in the web. Each unique navigation of other users using this link will be rewarded.
One-time* - if user was rewarded for one-time action once, he will not be rewarded for the same action the next time he will make the same action. For example, if user has verified an email and was rewarded, and then he has changed the email and verified it once more time, he will not be rewarded twice.

How can I use Magic Karma?

Overall, a higher Karma score provides more trust from the community as well as more tangible rewards. For now, users can only convert their Karma points into SQR tokens.
Magic Square uses Magic Karma in many ways. For example, creators can build reward programs based on Magic Karma scores. Further, a user's Karma Score may influence the number of votes that a user is allocated.

Magic Karma Leaderboard

Magic Karma information can be found in the menu bar.
The Karma Leaderboard shows the current ranking of users based on their Magic Karma and total SQR reward. Each user earns a percentage (share) of the daily pool.
The Time left heading shows the remaining time to collect the rewards.
It's possible to view the ranking of a specific day under the History section.