Magic Square

Magic ID FAQs

Q: How do I create a Magic Store account and Magic ID?
A: The process is very simple and you have various log options, refer to this guide for a full tutorial:​
Q: What are the different ways to log in to the Magic Store?
A: For the moment, you can log in using a Google account, an email address, Phantom wallet, Metamask wallet, or WalletConnect. We plan on adding more options in the near future
Q: How do I verify my Magic ID and ensure it's valid and connected?
A: In order for your account to be verified you need to set up your username, verify your email, and connect your wallet address. To do so and to check if everything is connected Simply hover the mouse over the left-down corner icon, click on "Settings" and it will show you the status of your Magic ID account in the "Profile Overview" page, like in the images below:
Q: How do I connect my wallet and email to create a verified MagicID?
A: We have an easy tutorial, just follow the instructions on the following link:​
Q: How do I choose a unique username for my MagicID?
A: Simply go to your Magic ID account settings and input your desired username. Bear in mind that once the username is created, you cannot edit it.
Q: Can I change my MagicID username, wallet, or email once it’s created?
A: The username cannot be edited once set. In case you would like to use a different username, you should create a new account by connecting a new wallet. You may edit your email address at any time, but make sure you verify it by clicking on the “send a code” and “verify” buttons after inserting the code that you have received in your email.
Q: How can I track my Karma points and rewards balance?
A: Simply go to your Karma dashboard inside your Magic ID profile and all the information will be visible
Account Settings Menu
Q: How do I unlink a wallet or email from my MagicID?
A: On your Magic ID profile, if you want to remove your email just click “edit” on the dashboard and then “remove” under the email section. To remove your wallet, click on the "Trash can" button located right of your wallet Address. It's important to note that both wallet and email need to be connected in order for you to disconnect one of the two.
Q: Can I use my Magic Store account and MagicID for other Web3 applications?
A: Of course, we aim to present the Magic ID as the “ace in your pocket” for all your Web 3 interactions. With your account plus the Magic Spaces dashboard, you will have the ability to interact with all apps inside the app store, regardless of the chain and all the fancy technology behind it. Just click and use it without headaches.
Q: How are my personal data and privacy protected while using the Magic Store?
A: Since the Magic ID is stored on the blockchain, Magic Square company does not have access to your credentials. The end user is the only one with power on their data and can also revoke access to desired apps as they see fit. All Magic ID data is stored directly on the blockchain and not on MS servers.
Q: Can I use multiple wallets or email addresses to create different MagicID accounts?
A: Having multiple Magic ID accounts is considered a form of exploitation and is strictly forbidden, you risk being banned by doing so.
Q: Will KYC be active on Magic Store Beta
A: Not at the moment
Q: How is Magic ID secure? Why should I trust this?
A: All the information is encrypted on the user's device, in the same fashion as a wallet so the only one capable of accessing this data is the owner. Only the end-user has access to the Magic ID credentials.
Q: What happens if my SSI identification is compromised?
A: Since we don't have any access to users' data (remember it's stored locally) we have nothing to do with that, in the same fashion as if someone has access to your private key. Magic Square does not have that information from the user, so we cannot prevent people from getting access to that.
Q: Will users be able to create multiple Magic Connect IDs? This question arises since there will be no mandatory KYC for users to create their Magic ID.
A: No, only one per user and KYC is not mandatory if you are just a user, but if you are going to be using Magic Boost and earn rewards, then KYC *is* mandatory and this prevents double accounts.
Q: How will I be able to track all of the permissions an app is using from me?
A: Through the Magic ID users will have access to see all the information that an application is using, and the user can revoke access at their convenience
Q: Do we need to do KYC for the Magic ID?
A: KYC is not mandatory if you are going to be a regular user
Q: What if I forget my MagicID login credentials?
A: There are multiple ways to log into a Magic Store account. Make sure to add several options to your account (Email/Google, EVM wallet, Phantom wallet). In this way the chances of forgetting the magic ID login credentials are minimal. It’s always possible to open a Discord ticket and our team will do their best to assist you.
Q: Can I cancel my Magic ID (Magic Store account) at any time?
A: At the moment, there is no option for account deletion but it is planned to be developed in the future.
Q: What happens to my rewards and Karma points if I decide to close my Magic ID (Magic Store account)?
A: Your karma points will be deleted as well along with associated rewards