Magic Square

Magic Connect (Magic ID)

Magic Connect brings all of your crypto, DeFi, and NFT apps into one convenient space
The Magic ID project is a cutting-edge solution for digital identity management, offering an open-source, multi-credential network protocol that allows for secure and convenient access to various platforms and services. Our protocol supports various login methods including SSI, DID, email, social media, and phone number, providing users with a unified login experience and increased control over their digital identity.
The market for digital identity solutions is projected to experience significant growth in the coming years, driven by increasing concerns over privacy and security, as well as the need for more efficient ways to manage and share digital identity information. Our protocol addresses this market gap by providing a flexible and easily integrated solution, which can be adopted by individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Setting Up Your Magic ID

After connecting your wallet to the Magic Store
you might get the following window after trying to execute some actions in the Store, like adding apps to your Space. Completing your Magic ID brings you Karma points. Check the full table here.
fill magic id info window
Fill Magic ID Info Window
In order to complete your Magic ID, in the window above it's suggested to connect a Phantom wallet. Click on
to complete your Magic ID settings.
magic id settings
MagicID Settings

Wallet Settings

Click on
to edit your Metamask wallet and connect a Phantom wallet. You may edit the EVM (Metamask) wallet for now, but once the Phantom wallet is connected - it can't be removed. This is a temporary solution.
add wallet window
Wallet Settings
Wallet Settings - EVM Wallet Added

Account Settings

Within the account settings you may edit your profile image, username, displayed name, email address.
The username cannot be edited once set. In case you would like to use a different username, you should create a new account by connecting a new wallet.
In order to see your displayed name change click on
. You may edit your email address at anytime, but make sure you verify it by clicking on
and then
after inserting the code you have received in your email inbox.
account settings - confirm
Account Settings - displayed name
account settings - confirmed
Account Settings - confirmed email and name
You may connect your Twitter and Discord account only to one MagicID. Connecting your social channels bring you Karma points only once.
social links
Social Links

What is Magic Connect?

With Magic Connect, users can connect all of their crypto apps with the touch of a button. This brings more trust and simplicity to the entire blockchain ecosystem. Along with the Magic ID, this provides users a simple and safe platform to store and access personal data.

What is Magic ID?

Magic ID is a unique tool that enhances, manages, and controls personal data in one single crypto-application.

How does Magic ID work?

In order to access Magic Spaces and start using all of the apps, users must first log in to the Magic Square system via Magic Connect. Magic Connect lets users establish a connection to all of their apps via one SSI-secured login.
Magic Connect is an HTTP-based service with smart contracts on the blockchain. It serves as a holder of the Verifiable Data Registry, which stores DIDs and maintains a stable and secure connection between all parties.
The Magic Connect system includes the following components: Users, Verifiable Data Registry, Issuers, and Verifiers. Issuers are defined as the institutions that issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs). Verifiers are the institutions that are requesting the User’s VCs.

Is Magic Connect Safe?

Yes, Magic Connect uses all of the most up-to-date blockchain security procedures to totally safeguard any and all personal information. Magic Square cannot access any user's personal or private information.

How do I Create a Magic ID?

View the step-by-step guide on how to create a Magic ID here.