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Developers, in the context of Magic Square, are crypto app developers.
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Anyone can get an app published on the Magic Store
at no cost, if the community feels like it's a good project. Developers who want to get their apps listed must first submit their apps for validation, executed by the Magic Square community.

Developer Account

Developer Account details can be found in your profile settings. You may edit the fields at any time. The Company Name should be unique.
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Developer Account - Edit Profile
The Developer page contains information about your company, the registration date, the verified email address, and the listed apps in the Magic Store
Team Members section will be available soon - it is meant for inviting team members to have the same editing rights, so you don't have to share the wallet information to all.
In case you list any Tokens or Apps you may find them on this page.
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Developer Account - Developer Info

List App

To submit an app for listing on the Magic Store
, click
. Check Application Deployment Flow for a step-by-step tutorial.

My Apps

In the My Apps section, you may find all of your apps listed on the Magic Store
. On this page you may manage them, edit, remove them, etc.

How to Create Your Developer Account on Magic Store?

How To Create Your Developer Account?