Magic Square

Automating Tasks in the Magic Store: An Innovation for Zealy Campaign Participants

We're thrilled to announce a significant update that will revolutionise your Magic Store experience and positively impact your participation in the Zealy campaign. Striving for enhanced efficiency and smoother user interactions, we have transformed the traditionally manual tasks into automated ones, thereby making it easier than ever for our users to earn XP points and increase their chances of winning a share from the Zealy's Prize Pool of 1,000,000 Magic Square $SQR tokens.

The Transformation of Task Management in the Magic Store

The Magic Store has always been a hub of activity and excitement. With this latest update, we've made a quantum leap forward by automating various tasks that previously required manual claiming. Now, when you connect to Zealy with the same wallet you've used for the Magic Store, the system will automatically detect and reward your accomplishments without requiring you to manually claim the tasks. This seamless integration aims to enhance your experience and maximise your earnings of XP points in Zealy.

Automated Tasks for Zealy XP Earnings

We're rolling out a series of automated tasks that provide users with substantial XP rewards, directly contributing to their standings in the Zealy campaign.
  • Open a Magic Store Account: Kickstart your journey by opening a Magic Store account and automatically earn 250 XP in Zealy. No need for manual claims; the reward is granted as soon as your account is active.
  • Daily Login Rewards: Your daily engagement is now more rewarding than ever. Just log in to the Magic Store, spend a minimum of 5 minutes there, and earn 100 XP automatically on Zealy. It's as simple as that!
  • Project Validation Voting: By participating in Project Validation Voting, you'll automatically earn 250 XP for every validation, driving your progress in the Zealy campaign. This task fosters active participation and fair project validation, without requiring manual claiming.
  • Claim a Hot Offer: Take advantage of the Magic Store's Hot Offers and automatically earn 500 XP for each offer on Zealy. We want to reward you for your active participation and for taking advantage of the hot offers we present.
  • Refer a Friend: Invite your friends to the Magic Store and automatically receive 250 XP for every successful referral on Zealy. This is an excellent way to boost your Zealy XP while expanding our vibrant Magic Store community.
With the automation of these tasks, we aim to streamline your Magic Store experience and facilitate your progress in the Zealy campaign. These upgrades provide an effortless way to earn XP and compete for a share of the Zealy Prize Pool.
We're enthusiastic about these improvements and how they'll shape the future of the Magic Store and Zealy. We're always keen to hear your feedback and look forward to continuing our journey together, creating an even more rewarding and user-friendly experience.