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Web3 App Store User Guide

Magic Store is a unified, integrated, interoperable space for users to discover and experience community-vetted web3 apps, NFTs, DeFi, and games.

🏗 Magic Store Beta

The Magic Store Beta is a devnet version for testing purposes which means it uses devnet coins in order to learn how the app works and share feedback to improve the product!

Discover Web3 Apps

In the Magic Store
, discover inspiring Web3 apps to help you with DeFi activities, NFT creation, or Launching your Token. Or find the hottest Play to Earn Games while exploring the Metaverse. How to use the Magic Store >
Magic Store
Magic Store

Access Games and Apps

Explore Web3 and add apps to your personalized Magic Spaces, making it the home of your favorite Apps. How to add apps to the Magic Spaces >
Magic Spaces
Magic Spaces

Magic Connect

Before you add apps to your space, you need to create your Magic ID. Securely connect to all of your web3 apps with one click. How to create your Magic ID >
Magic Connect
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